What R We Doin'?

What's going on?
What are members doing?
Events, Parades, Clinics, 
Community Outreach, Festivals,
Shows, Roadtrips!
     Members Annual Picnic, It doesn't get any better!
Good weather, good food, great animals, and great people = Great Day!
To all who help, bring food, share their animals, and especially sharing time and friendship. 
A VERY GOOD DAY...Great Memories

Educational Presentation
Benefits of Equine Massage
Driving Clinic
Rescue Villgae
Fieldtrip...Levi Yoder's Harness Shop and Barn
Dice Ride, Andover, Ohio
Carla Maria & Fiona at Rescue Village
Humane Education Camp Visits

Fun Day Workshop 
for Youth & Young at Heart
Click directly on pictures to enlarge & highlighted text for video clips

Longear Fun Day, Sand Hill Stables
A Little Trail Riding, Mary & Kim on Ashtabula Ride
An Afternoon on a Mammoth
Thompson Farm Fest, Helping Ledgemont Schools Fundraiser 
Thank you Carol Cooper for bringing donkeys for all to enjoy!

Guest Speaker, Les Ober, OSU Extension
Geauga Co. Agent for Agriculture
HAY, all about it, what you need to know
Guest Presenter, Dr. Bryan Elliot DVM
          Dentistry for Donkeys & Mules 

Grand Reopening of Erie Canal Exploration Center
             Cuyahoga Valley National Park
   Mary Joughin, Victor, Thompson,, Participants
Guest Speaker, Fire Chief John Hickey
Champion, Ohio
Instruction on Basic First Aid
Middlefield Parade, Mark Webb & Family, 
Carol Cooper & Alex accompanied by their cool animals!
Twins Day Parade, Twinsburg, Ohio
Jim Ensten, Eddy, Throcky & Stephanie
Huntsburg Pumpkin Festival Parade
Dan & Kim Mullet with Quisette & Rusty
Sharing our longear stories, advice,
knowledge, reacquainting with eachother, 
getting to know new members

Educational Monthly Meetings with speakers 
who share their expertise

The Hoof, Donkeys & Mules
Guest, Certified Farrier Greg Buber
American Farrier Assoc.

The Art of Useful Knot Tying

Demonstration by Mel Milliron 
& Roasting a few Marshmallows!
Lake Farmpark's Horsefest
Phyllis Ulrey, Eeyore & Bert representing the 
Association & The Donkey Breed
Chardon's Maplefest Parades
 Annual Hot Dog Roast
Members collected & donated items 
to the Geauga County Dog Shelter
Great Job Folks!
Guest, reporter, Lindsey O'Brien of the News Herald, writes about the club
click here for newspaper article

we do
Out of ...
Special Meeting to Raise Funds & Support
Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary
Members "Giving Back"
Religious Celebrations
Being Part of the Community
Easter 2016
Dottie Drockton, Guest Speaker, 
Representing Geauga Park District.
Equine Trails, Safety, Etiquette, Regulations
Great Presentation  March 2016